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Travel Tips

Travelling is fun, memorable and mind refreshing if you plan it right! You might be travelling to an awesome destination but it may turn into a worst experience if not planned well before. Different places come up with completely new/different situations and aspects. To help you in travelling the best of your life, here are some Travelling Tips that are sure to help you resolve many travelling hacks for a memorable travelling experience to rejoice forever.

1. Be Flexible

While travelling, one need to be flexible enough to overcome situations like flight delay, etc rather being extremely upset or angry when things go inevitably wrong. For situations like this, patience is the key.

2. Make a List

A list of travelling essentials and things to remember is a must while heading for a vacation. A travelling list is indeed an excellent way to get the best of travelling experience.

3. Learn Common Phrases of the Local Language

Just a “Thank you”, “Please” and “I’m sorry” in local language leaves a greater impact. Keep updating yourself with some common phrases in the local language of the place you are travelling to.

4. Always Buy Travel Insurance

A single medical emergency can kill someone's savings in one go or even worsen the situation. Save yourself from the situation simply by buying Travel Insurance before you head for a start to your travelling venture.

5. Pack light.

Travelling around with a 20kg bag for a week is of course not a good idea. So learn the art of packing and travelling light. Carry less to enjoy more on your travel.

6. Roll & Pack

That should be the ‘Mantra’ if you want more clothes to fit into your suitcase without any crease.

7. Make sure your bank cards work.

It is important as you won’t like to get into the annoying situation of spending hours on the phone while you are travelling to the bank back home.

8. Always carry a hard copy map of the city you're going to.

It will definitely help you locate many interesting places and will also take you out of the situation of wandering when lost in the new city.

9. Travel First Aid Kit

It’s important and life-saving. So whenever you are out on a holiday do remember to carry a First Aid kit with bandages, band aids, cough drops, pain killer pills, etc which would come handy for you.

10. Carry wet wipes & Hand Sanitizers too

Wipes would come very handy to make you feel fresh and clean during travel. Carrying hand sanitizers too would save yourself from bacterial infections.

11. Ask the locals for advice, tips.

It is always advisable to ask the locals to name best restaurants, coffee shops, attractions, ideal spots to watch the sunset and more. It will definitely lead you to some amazing places which were not considered as first choice of being there.

12. Learn a few phrases of the local language.

It would definitely add into your cheerful experiences. So speak to the locals after learning few important phrases of their local language. Speak to the locals. Experience their culture. Don’t just wander through it.

13. Wear good walking shoes

None would like to travel with blisters. High heels may not work out well on many pathways. Better to wear good walking shoes and explore the best of city you are travelling to.

14. Be aware of the local laws.

Spitting a chewing gum anywhere in Singapore is an offence. Drunkards on the streets of Dubai is punishable. Likewise, every country has its own set of rules. So, be aware of the local laws of the place you are travelling to.

15. Click Photos

Photos make the best souvenirs. Our memories may fade but the photos clicked will remain forever to remember the beautiful places you visited.

16. Keep an emergency supply of money.

Be prepared for all situations including any unforeseen conditions like losing wallet etc.

17. Be prepared to sleep anywhere

Carry your eye patches (eye mask) and ear plugs during travel. These will be of great help in blocking the light and sound to give a quick rest to your mind and body while you wait for your plane or during long journey.

18. Take Jumper & thick socks on the plane

Cold temperature because of air-conditioning in the plane may stop you from sleeping. So keep these handy with you in the plane.

19. Don’t underestimate the Power of Plastic Bags!

Keep a stash of spare plastic bags for keeping dirty socks and clothes separate from cleaned ones.

20. Keep an Open Mind

Let us not judge other people. Being a visitor of that country or place, let us be respectful and pay attention to how others dress to get an idea as how we should.

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